Steve Holloway
Steve Holloway
Change Maker
Culture Shaker
Helping companies, leaders and enterprise tech teams TO ACHIEVE breakthrough performance. FOUNDER AND CEO OF HUMAN-IT.


Digital Technology


If you're looking to take your business or IT operations to the next level, I offer off-the-shelf engagements as well as bespoke advice and support to help you achieve your goals. Whether you need help with digital strategy, to turnaround your IT function, optimise costs or, understand and reduce cyber security risk, I'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your success.
Online Coaching and Mentoring


Don't fly solo anymore. An experienced wingman / wingwoman / wingperson can help you solve a tough business or IT problem, navigate complex corporate politics, help you overcome imposter syndrome in a new role or step up into a more senior position. I help business and IT leaders soar to new heights and avoid crash landings!
Online Workshop


Real transformational requires culture change and that requires mindset shifts, behaviour changes and engagement building. A high impact event or workshop can be the catalyst for transformational change and help you reach the tipping point. I offer both pre-potted and bespoke workshops and events, delivered online and in-person. Kickstart your transformation today.
Have a Problem but Not Sure if I can Help?
Let's Talk.
No Pressure. No Commitment.



Based North West UK. Married with 2 kids.

With almost 30 years experience in IT and leadership roles across multiple industries, I've worked with a lot of household names and I'm proud to have been part of some high-profile transformations and impressive optimisations.

My USP is my ability to connect, influence and translate bi-directionally between organisational leadership and technology execution. I'm as comfortable contributing to a business strategy with an executive team or explaining 'digital' to a board, as I am challenging an infrastructure roadmap with a group of hardcore techies.

The real magic is how can I help technology teams understand business imperatives and corporate leadership demystify technology.

Since 2022, I've been working on creating a movement, Human-IT.


I believe I can make the a world better place by helping organisations change how they operate, how they interact with their employees and their customers, and how they see and use technology.

From boards and executive teams, to front-line services and on shop floors, I'm consistently amazed by the smart, resourceful, hardworking I people find. But so many are chained by fear or ground down by culture.

There is some amazing technology out there, but how many people can say their performance is enhanced by the tech? and how many get their jobs done despite the tech?

My mission is to help organisations improve performance by unleashing their human potential and multiplying it with great use of technology.


Human-IT (pronounced 'humanity') is a game-changing approach to technology enabled business transformation.

We're on a mission to revolutionise the corporate landscape by bridging the gap between technology and humanity. Gone are the days of isolated, basement-bound IT teams.

We believe in upcycling IT functions into strategic, value-adding partners that understand and amplify the core objectives of businesses.

Through our transformative methods, we help organisations to build human-centric environments and augmenting human potential with tech solutions that drive innovation, collaboration, and productivity.

Check out to see how we're reshaping the world of work, one enterprise at a time.


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